Coyote Creative's Latest: Liccardi Custom Builder Web Site - Aspen area general contractor Dan Liccardi of Liccardi Custom Builder decided to upgrade his web presence. Now a beautiful display of his work is online for the world to see! Coyote Creative gave Dan his classy new logo and built a site to display the high end homes that he and his teams build. Congatulations, Dan.

Internet on the Defensive - Again!!! - The PIPA legislation was proposed by the big media companies supposedly to protect their profits. But they have had record profits in the last few years, so why are they doing this??

Old West Daily Reader, a beautiful content-dense site by Coyote Creative - This new site for "The Old West Daily Reader" is a real accomplishment for Coyote Creative and Robert Boyle, the creator of this comprehensive compendium of facts about the people and events that built our perception of the Old West. This site is an extensive interactive guide, with subscription materials available at a very reasonable rate. This site is well worth spending some time with. You are guaranteed to learn something new within the first few minutes there, and in an entertaining way. Don't forget to "like" the site on Facebook, too!

Beautiful New Web Site - Greg Miller of Boulder offers innovative design and construction, and this web site reflects his affinity for bringing the outside indoors. Take a look at the new site (still under construction) and let me know what you think!

Comcast Review: Don't If You Can Help It!! - If you don't already know, Comcast is one of the major players attempting (successfully) to control internet access so they can increase their already bloated profits. That's why for me, using Comcast goes very much against the grain. I have researched many alternatives and haven't come up with anything yet to replace my internet connection, because of our mountain location - but you can be sure I will continue, and when the newer technologies come to my area I'll be the first to switch!

Attempting to bundle phone with my internet resulted in many service issues: my business phone went down several times in three weeks, then endless waiting on hold and getting shuffled through the system again and again in order to get anything done - HUGE waste of time (read $$ here). I am in the process of switching to Nextiva VoIP phone. They get great reviews on customer service and quality in general. Really looking forward to the new setup

Web Site Up and Books Are Here! - Just in time for Christmas, this beautifully illustrated and cleverly written new children's book by local author Robert Boyle. The illustrations by the talented Dolores Wilson will have the kids turning pages immediately. The story will appeal to a wide age range - even adults find themselves reading through the whole thing and marveling over the visual richness this book offers.

Book designed by Coyote Creative, of course! Check out the charming web presentation of the book and order your copy of "The Great Galomp" today! ...and have a warm heart this holiday season. We have much to be thankful for in our beautiful valley.

New Web Site - Check it out! - This site was designed as a WordPress managed site for business consultant Dave Roberts in Boulder.

And Not to be Missed: The Art of Shelley Valentine - This site was designed to showcase the artwork of Shelley Valentine from Reston, VA. Shelley's fanciful work is a fresh voice in the art world, and is destined to make its mark. Be sure to check out her fun & beautiful art. I couldn't resist it and am the soon-to-be owner of an original Shelley Valentine!

Entertaining Video on Net Neutrality -

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Net Neutrality Act
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Click here to sign a petition in favor of net neutrality. It's a very important issue.

Find Us on Twitter! - Twitter is a great way to connect with others of like interests, and is becoming an effective search engine optimization tool.

Cayton Ranger Station Foundation - This is a great local and national historic site and a worthy cause to support: renovation and access to the second oldest ranger station in the US, right in our back yard.

Make Your Own - at - e-cards, that is. Have some fun and save trees and energy by sending cards via the net. You can also have them printed and mailed, which is a nice option, but the ecards are free - and tree free!

About Green Papers - paperspecs. com. Some interesting articles and information on paper choices. I'll be writing lots more about this in the future.

Paper Made of Stone! - This from Dean Rickman at Colorado Printing. A paper called "Ultra Green Film" made of - that's right - stone. Some ideas for its use:
"Business cards (for extreme conditions...mud, snow, rain, gardening, construction, fabricating, etc)
'Waterproof' magazines (I saw one that was printed for use at a spa pool. Read it underwater, if you like!)
Maps (fishing maps, ATV routes, trail maps, etc)
Menus (just wipe off that ketchup and it is as good as new!)
Plus Cover magazine and catalog covers (yes, we can inkjet on it for mailing)
Cool vibe post cards (they are very tear resistant...great insurance for getting them through the USPS system)
Here are a few more of its features:
It prints just like any coated or uncoated fact, it has a luxurious, almost velvet surface and feel to it.
It is very white and takes standard inks perfectly (including our 250 line screen...very sharp).
It is very opaque.
It can be stitched as a cover on a catalog and can also be perfect bound.
You can flood coat it...recommended on pieces that have heavy ink coverage!
Die cutting and gluing are not a problem.
It recycles as a PLASTIC, not a paper.
It does NOT need "hard dry inks". We use our standard inks that dry in a normal amount of time.
It is much less expensive than other synthetic papers that require hard dry inks AND weeks of drying time."

Green Printing - Bluegrass Print is the first online printing vendor I've found that has a reasonable - in fact, a great price - on recycled printing stock. I have not checked out the quality yet, but will report on that shortly.

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