Greg Miller Design - This web site was created to reflect the design esthetic of designer/builder Greg Miller of Boulder, Colorado. Greg's work and ethic are very much in line with the values of Coyote Creative, making this collaboration a fun project with a wonderful result! This site includes its own content management system (CMS) enabling Greg to update his own site content, including new pages, text, images, and slideshows.

Shelley Valentine Art - Shelley Valentine, an innovative and exceptional artist from Reston, VA, showcases her fantastic and surprising art on this web site designed by Coyote Creative. The appearance of the site complements the artwork but does not overshadow the art itself. And, Shelley is able to easily add new artwork to her site through the use of its content management system (CMS) enabled by Coyote Creative.

Vision to Action - Business Consultant Dave Roberts offers his work to the Boulder, CO business community with this WordPress site which reflects the nature of his business and - once again - allows the site owner to update his own content.

Desert Mothers -desertmothers. This non-profit site was a volunteer project by Coyote Creative to benefit this most worthy endeaver based in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Desert Mothers enables women who quit school early to learn crafts and skills that enable them to support themselves and their families. Bravo, Desert Mothers!

Why engage a professional web designer? Seems like a valid question when there are innumerable templates offered out there. But there are several compelling reasons to use Coyote Creative to design your site.

First of all, a site designed by Coyote Creative will immediately demonstrate to visitors that you are a legitimate and professional business. Secondly, did you know that site templates do not provide tools for adequate search engine optimization? Coyote Creative designs web sites that are optimized for internet visibility, using the applications that make your site beautiful, interactive, and competitive on the net. We will examine your metadata and content to ensure that your site is primed for web visibility.

When you engage Coyote Creative to design your site, we will work with you throughout the process to integrate the look and feel you want with the useability that will make it easy for site visitors to navigate through your web pages and find what they're looking for. Our web design portfolio demonstrates the wide variety of original styling that Coyote Creative is capable of... and we've always got new, fresh ideas!

Then there’s the green advantage. When you choose Coyote Creative as your web hosting service, you will be helping our beautiful Colorado environment and indeed, the world with hosting that invests in sustainable energy. What an easy way to be a good samaritan!

Visit our blog page for more details about design, green business practices, and other enlightening content.

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