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Coyote Creative offers a broad spectrum of graphic design services, as follows ~

Business Branding - This is where your business graphics start: home base. The very first visual you will want ot develop for your business is its logo, whether that logo is buils simply from a bit of distinctive ets (logotype or font logo) or contains complex, 3-D graphic illustration. A logo should visually convey (or at least hint at) the type of your business and its approach, price point, locale, and other information, and it needs to appeal to the specific audience it is intended to reach.

Your Tag LIne - A tag line is a phrase or a short sentence that should be a) memorable and b) distinguish you clearly from your competition. It's a phrase that you want people to associate with you instantly, one that makes you stand above other in your field or gives a customer a specific reason to choose you instead of someone else. You may choose to use your tag line every time your logo is seen, or vary its use depending upon circumstances.

A Unique Palette - Once you have your logo, or perhaps as you are developing it, Coyote Creative will work with you to establish an appropriate set of colors to use along with your logo in all your business communications. Color communicates to your audience on an emotional level, so you need to work closely with your designer to establish your color palette. Your colors will speak to viewers about reliability or creativity, fun or seriousness, bargains or status, etc. Using a consistent color scheme throughout your visual identity will show consumers that you are savvy and professional.

Collateral - Once you have thoughtfully developed your logo and supporting colors, you are ready to move on to the bulk of your promotional materials, often called your collateral. Everything you use to communicate about your business falls under this category: business cards, letterhead, signs, web pages, brochures, folders, labels, packaging, giveaways like pens, caps, bookmarks, cups, etc. and on and on. With each and every one of these that you utilize, design and layout come into play...

About Design and Layout - Every aspect of your business graphics will involve the arrangement of elements, usually both text and imagery. A graphic artist's job is to place components effectively so that there is a combination of visual appeal along with a logical useability to the piece. This combination of form and function will encourage the viewer to engage with what you're presenting - they'll feel it, read it, think about it, ask questions, and take the critical next step of using your product or service. The design of all your visual products needs to reflect your business consistently and with graphic excellence in order to build confidence in the minds of your existing and potential customers. Of course, it goes without saying that graphic excellence needs to be backed up by quality in your products and customer service!

Custom Illustration - Imagery has a mega-advantage over the written word. What's that advantage? Immediacy. An image can send your message straight into the mind of your viewer, bypassing factors of time, preference, age, and many other "filters". And consider: with the proliferation of photographs in print and on the web, original hand-rendered illustrations tend to come across with greater impact. We see this refelcet in current design trends: moving away from slickness and toward a look that's got a patina or texture to it.

Copywriting and Proofing - Caroline Metzler of Coyote Creative is a published author and copywriter. If you are in need of copywriting services, editing or proofing, please contact Coyote Creative for a consultation on these services.

Web Appications - Design for today's web can include many tools that allow users to engage with your site in unprecedented ways. Read here about the many web applications offered by Coyote Creative's web design service...

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