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Coyote Creative offers many web applications to enhance both the useability and appearance of your site ~ and they're fun! Below is a list of various web services and applications available through Coyote Creative's web design:

CMS - This term simply stands for "Content Management System." So what does that mean to you? It actually means quite a lot: You, the web site owner, can log onto the server that makes your pages visible on the web and change your site content easily, quickly, and without a lot of technical know-how. Cool, huh? So you can have a blog. You can change the descriptions of your services, add new ones, add dates of upcoming events, and change out the photos that go with the text, too. You can even create new pages for your site from existing pages, and have the links for those pages automatically added to the navigation throughout the entire site. And more. So, those three letters CMS are worth paying attention to. Many of the following capabilities are integral with your content management system:

Blogging - No need to explain that one, and your site can have its own blog with updated posts, photos, videos, music files, etc. Now you can add your unique voice to the open discussion that is the world wide web.

Image Galleries - If you're an artist or photographer you know how essential it can be to have your images up on your web site. No brainer. But most businesses can benefit from having a gallery of photos up on their site, if only to give it that personal touch that we're all looking for. And the great news is that you can easily change the images in your photo galleries by simply changing out the files in a folder (through your CMS, of course). Image descriptions are easy to insert and change, too. So you can have even your newest employee go online and do some of this stuff for you ~ looking over his/her shoulder for awhile ~ and be sure to check after they're done, too!

Ecommerce - If you have something to sell, you can also manage your online store through your CMS. We will help you set it all up from the beginning, from the design of your product listing pages to getting payment options in place. To follow up we'll make sure you know how to work with it after your store is complete and ready to open up for business.

CSS - Oh no, not another obscure set of initials! I know, I know. But it's just for your edification. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets... and what that means to you is that you can edit your site in style, and keep it from ending up looking, well, trashed out. Be sure to confer with us about how to use the text styles on your site to enhance its readability while maintaining consistent styling throughout. Yes, it's important.

Video - Video can help your users understand what you do in an easy and entertaining format. With video, you can educate your users about your firm, your products and services, or you can do them a service and teach them to help themselves. Or you can just give them a feel for who you are so they have a real human being to relate to. Put a (talking) face to your business. It helps ~ a lot. (And so does audio, too.)

Mouseover Effects - You know how engaging it is to get a reaction when your mouse moves over a web page. Yeah, too much can be annoying, sure. But a little surprise now and then can make using your site fun. Coyote Creative can include animated effects and show/hide features to enhance the user experience of your site.

SEO - Another of those obnoxious abbreviations. This one you've probably heard of, though. It's important since you've spent a lot of time and resources getting your business site up and running ~ now where are the people? Search Engine Optimization is what you need next ~ the thing that makes your site show up when users search for goods and services on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search tools. Ask us how we can help you with this vital component of web site design.

Hosting - Just a reminder, Coyote Creative offers web hosting with the green advantage. When you choose Coyote Creative as your web hosting service, you will be supporting our beautiful planet by offsetting the energy involved with investment in sustainable energy sources.

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